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Scripture Cards - $10.00 ea.
Pow'r Pack - Spiral-bound
32 cards consisting of Affirmations and Scripture to memorize and meditate on - learning to identify and overcome challenges, and standing strong in power through the Blood and the Name of Jesus.

Scripture Cards - $6.50 ea.
Pow'r Pack - Scripture cards in a cassette case
Scripture cards in a cassette case

CD - $10.00 ea.
PRAYERS That Get Results!
2-CD series on praying as Jesus gave the disciples the template for prayer in the Lord's Prayer. The prayer of repentance delivers from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light; prayer gives the Believer divine direction in their life.

CD - $10.00 ea.
PRAISE That Get's Results!
2-CD series that centers on praise being the vehicle that delivers from Impossible situations. Derin and Barbara also bring out the verse in Psalm 22:3, that GOD inhabits the praises of His people! When you become a person who praises, the results will be super-natural!

CD - $10.00 ea.
Tongues - Turning On the Power
Baptism of Holy Spirit

CD - $10.00 ea.
When Curses GO, Blessings Flow!
This series gives you scripture on breaking family and generational curses. Derin and Barbara give you indicators on identifying curses in your life.

Booklet - $FREE ea.
When Curses Go, Blessings Flow!
Free with $10 for CD series of same name

CD - $10.00 ea.
GOD's Perfect Plan For You!
This is the most important time in history for believers to possess the inheritance GOD promised to them. Derin and Barbara give instruction for leaving the past behind but teach on trusting GOD and obeying Him as they enter into their Promised Land...NOW!

CD - $10.00 ea.
Walking By Faith
2-CD series that will help you become a dynamic faith-filled Believer. Derin and Barbara teach faith through the example of Abraham, the father of faith, and then encourage the Believer to walk in faith and possess GOD's Promise.

CD - $10.00 ea.
GOD Doesn't Have Any Grandchildren
2-CD series that will give you training not only in raising your children to respect GOD, but help you in letting go of your children at the proper time to be the men and women of GOD that they were created to be...a must for parents raising children!

CD - $10.00 ea.
Guilty By Association
2-CD series on bad influences that defile and break apart loving relationships and ruin dreams. Derin and Barbara teach on I Corinthians 15:33, "Bad company corrupts good morals." and address the fact that your physical body is temple of Holy Spirit.

CD - $10.00 ea.
Speaking To Your Mountains
2-CD series on identifying the obstacles (mountains) in your life that are keeping you from being victorious. Derin and Barbara teach you on how to indentify these mountains but how to remove these mountains in order to move on with purpose in life.

CD - $10.00 ea.
Fighting Back - GOD's Way!
2-CD series that will help a Believer turn around from being intimidated by slanderous lawsuits, deceitful gossip and evil actions from others to being on the offensive through speaking the Word of GOD; He gave you Isaiah 54:17 as an answer to impossible situations. This series also teaches you the ceremony of "washing your hands" - a must-have!

CD - $10.00 ea.
Wolves In Sheep's Clothing!
2-CD series that addresses false prophets and "evil workers of iniquity" that go around as wolves in sheep's clothing. Derin and Barbara also discuss cults rising up in these last days.

CD - $10.00 ea.
Escaping the Bondage of Tradition
2-CD series in which Derin and Barbara teach the importance of the Scripture that Jesus brought out in Matthew 15:6 that "the traditions of men invalidate, of make powerless the Word of GOD." They discuss why the mind set on reason and worldly education are detrimental in the spirit walk.

CD - $10.00 ea.
How To Keep Your Healing
2-CD series on the reality that many who are prayed for lose their healing. Derin and Barbara teach an important affirmation that Derin taught: "Feelings and Symptoms are liars; GOD Word is truth!" Subjects of this series: CD #1-"Denying Symptoms' Rights To Rule" CD #2-"Keeping Your Focus On Health." You can walk in divine health!

CD - $10.00 ea.
COMMUNION - Blood, Power & Authority
Every Believer should have this 2-CD series. Derin and Barbara explain why you should take Communion often; they open the series with O.T. Scripture that "the life is in the Blood" and discuss why Communion is so powerful in the Believer's life.

CD - $10.00 ea.
Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you were surrounded by death and your life was a total failure? Derin and Barbara teach on the importance of Ezekiel 37 to bring life into the Believer's situations in the here and now. CD #1 - "Your Valley of Dry Bones" CD #2 - "Speaking LIFE With Your Mouth"

CD - $10.00 ea.
The Spirit World Around Us
In this important 2-CD series, Derin and Barbara discuss the Keys of the Kingdom in Matthew 16:19 and Matthew 18:18-that when you bind the ungodly spirits from your life, they must flee and when you loose the godly spirits, they will surround you with righteousness, peace and joy!

CD - $10.00 ea.
Why Pay...Why Not Sow?
One of GOD's greatest sorrows is to see the Body of Christ in so much debt. Derin brings a profound new revelation of sowing "live!seed" into the Kingdom, and knowing that what you plant will produce a great harvest. May this series bring a great change in how you treat money that GOD has put in your hands.

CD - $10.00 ea.
GOD's Covenant In Blood
There are 440 verses in the Bible on the word "blood" and in this 2-CD series, Derin and Barbara cover "life is in the blood" and "Jesus paid for your life in His blood". There is power in the blood of Jesus!

CD - $10.00 ea.
satan's Secret Weapon - FEAR!
Fear comes in many disguises, and in this 2-CD series, Derin and Barbara discuss the many forms of fear and that fear is a spirit that must be bound. The Believer must use the Word of GOD to cast out fear, and know an abundant life in Christ Jesus. CD #1 - "The Many Disguises Of Fear" CD 32 - "A Life Free From Fear"

Booklet - $FREE ea.
Satan's Secret Weapon - FEAR
FREE with $10 donation for CD series - "Fear, satan's secret weapon"

CD - $10.00 ea.
Do Yourself A Favor - FORGIVE!
This 2-CD series introduces an important teaching on forgiveness, and Derin prays a prayer of forgiveness for the one who is offended - to forgive 70 X 7. CD #1 - "Unforgiveness - Dead-end Street" CD #2 - "Forgiveness At Work"

CD - $10.00 ea.
The Ishmael/Jezebel Spirits
Derin and Barbara explain, through stories in the Bible, what spirits are involved in an Ishmael or a Jezebel. These 2 CDs will help you identify those spirits and aid you in the prayer of deliverance that is needed to set free the one influenced by an Ishmael or Jezebel spirit.

CD - $30.00 ea.
GOD's Word On Marriage, Divorce and Re-Marriage
GOD's Word on Marriage, Divorce and Re-marriage is taught by Derin and Barbara, after years of research in the Hebrew and Greek texts. Derin and Barbara teach that the law of divorce was written by GOD, through Moses, as a certificate of innocence, and GOD doesn't hate divorce, but He hates the one who puts out the innocent party without a certificate of divorce (Malachi 2:16). This is a message of grace and mercy, with prayer that the eyes of your heart would been lightened to a much misunderstood subject. This series comes with 4 CDs and a 34-page booklet, outlining what GOD considers marriage and the causes of divorce.

CD - $20.00 ea.
Holy Spirit is a member of the GOD-head and was with GOD at the very beginning of time. Derin and Barbara bring revelation knowledge and understanding of the importance of the Believer recognizing Holy Spirit in their life. Holy Spirit is your Counselor, Guide and Teacher into all the truth!

CD - $20.00 ea.
Power Of Attorney
Many leaders in our churches today give the impression that after salvation there isn't really anything else to work toward in a Believer's life. Derin and Barbara challenge you to take a leap into the great adventure of faith in seeing answers to your prayers. The fact that Jesus is your Advocate - Lawyer in heaven gives a great advantage in this life. It's important that you know your rights in Christ Jesus!

CD - $20.00 ea.
ANGELS Among Us!
Derin and Barbara teach on this 4-CD series that angels fill a vital role in helping you fulfill, rule, subdue and dominate your circumstances. Their prayer is that, as you listen to this series, you will come to know angels as "ministering spirits, sent forth to render service for you...." (Heb. 1:14)

CD - $20.00 ea.
HEALING - It's For You Today!
In this 4-CD series, Derin and Barbara teach that healing is for everyone who believes; they believe that "by Jesus' stripes you are healed!" (Isaiah 53:5) This series will show you how GOD brought healing, not only by Jesus personally, but through His disciples who believed in the power, authority and ability in Jesus' Name! And it's for you TODAY!

CD - $10.00 ea.
ReMARKable Miracles In Mark
As you listen to this 2-CD study on the Gospel of Mark, you will notice it is filled with action. GOD wants you to experience these kinds of miracles in your own life. GOD has new revelation for you and understanding about the faith that it took to see the miracles in Mark and how they can become miracles for you today!

CD - $10.00 ea.
Charting A Course For SUCCESS!
Derin received revelation from the Lord and it's not only in the spirit but can be applied to your everyday life in the form of "naming your days." This great teacher presents this 2-CD series with powerful Old Testament Scriptures that cross every date-line in their validity. GOD wants your life to be filled with success!

CD - $10.00 ea.
Overcoming Loss, Grief and Sorrow
Derin and Barbara introduce this 2-CD series on how to deal with loss and grief. So many people treat a loss in finances or a relationship as a failure, but in the Lord, there are no failures. Jesus really did take your griefs and sorrows to the cross and you need to leave them there. You can start again, because "if GOD is for you, who can be against you?" (Romans 3:31)

CD - $10.00 ea.
The Deadly Game Of Procrastination
There are certain people in this world who depend on everyone else to do the work,or they're always using excuses. Derin and Barbara have brought to your attention this 2-CD series, because always putting off till tomorrow what you can do today is a very dangerous game. May this message call you to be diligent workers for the Kingdom of GOD!

CD - $10.00 ea.
FAVOR - GOD's Best For You!
In this 2-CD series, Derin and Barbara bring out the fact that "you are GOD's Favor-ite subject", and that you can live in the FAVOR of the Lord. As you realize that GOD wants only the very best for you, you will experience His super-natural anointing and power in His Favor.

CD - $10.00 ea.
Spiritual Warfare
Derin and Barbara give this important teaching in 2-CDs on the power there is in GOD's Word to thwart the enemy and his power. Jesus said in Luke 10:19 that He has given you authority over all the power of the enemy; there is nothing to fear! Stand Strong!

CD - $20.00 ea.
TITHING - Key To Blessing and Prosperity
In this 4-CD series, Derin and Barbara give important life-changing teaching on tithing and how it affects every area of your life. They bring out important Scripture that giving of your tithe not only makes you prosperous, but brings health and wholeness to your life, and tithing puts up defensive measures against the enemy stealing from you.

Booklet - $FREE ea.
MONEY - Blessing or Curse?
Free with Tithing series

Booklet - $FREE ea.
Word Pow'r For Every Hour
Go through the Bible in a year

CD - $for a gift of $5.00 or more ea.
Getting Your Prayers Answered!
Praying effective prayers

Booklet - $FREE ea.
FAITH Always Finds A Way!

Booklet - $FREE ea.
It's All About LOVE...

Booklet - $FREE ea.
An Attitude of GRATITUDE...

Booklet - $$7.00 ea.
SEVEN Steps To Inner Freedom

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